Cut the Rope Mobile Application Review

Cut the Rope. If I say those three words to any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch user, they’ll know exactly what I mean. ‘Cut the Rope’ is a household name to any user of such devices, and quite rightly so.

What we users have in this 69p puzzle game application is a cute little green monster – named, rather appropriately, Om Nom – who has a bit of a sweet tooth. The only problem is, despite being surrounded in his much-loved sweet treats, Om Nom can’t reach the candy without your help, because some total nugget has tied up all his candy in ropes. Now, the application is called ‘cut the rope’; need I say any more as to how it all works? For those unfamiliar to the game, I’ll quickly explain – you cut the ropes (clever name, eh?) attached to the candy and logically (often tactically) swing the candy straight to Om Nom’s hungry little mouth. It really couldn’t be much simpler.

The game currently has a perplexing 8 themed ‘boxes’ (from the humble cardboard box to the almighty toy box) to work through, each containing 25 levels in which you must attain each of the 3 level stars as you play. Adding to the already great features of the game are collectible ‘drawings’ which you can unlock for achieving various things throughout the game and, of course, the constant promise of the rightmost box’s ‘new levels coming soon’ tease. Trust me, once you’ve played the game a couple of times – be it on the bus, on the bog, in bed – you’ll be completely hooked, and the upcoming ‘new levels’ won’t arrive quick enough (despite them being impressively churned out every few months).

The game also has several in-offs and ‘lite’ versions – the two worth mentioning being a seasonal treat featuring pretty light-up ropes and a good few new levels and an ‘experiments’ game, centred around a mad professor finding Om Nom and conducting (harmless, I should add) experiments on him. The 69p fee leaves no bitter taste in your mouth for ‘experiments’ – rather, a sweet taste, akin to Om Nom’s candy.

Cut the Rope is by far the most inventive and among the most fun game applications on the entire 500-thousand strong app store. The game is completely faultless in concept, design (it looks gorgeous on an iPad), and playability and offers – pretty much – non-stop entertainment. It’s worth noting the cosmic box is a complete baffler, though.

5 out of 5 stars.

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