Privacy Concerns For Used Car Dealerships With Online Credit Apps

Collecting personally identifiable information such as SSN, DOB, address, etc. from your customers and prospects online has it own set of challenges and considerations. The last thing you as a new or used car dealer needs is to have one of your customers fall victim to identify theft from filling out your credit app. Not only do you have a moral obligation to protect this information in many cases you also have legal obligations you must consider. 

First, I would like to say that I am not advocating the abolition of online credit applications, as a matter of fact I feel taking credit apps online will make selling cars faster and easier. Many dealers have a secure credit app on their website, or at least that is what they were “sold” by their web site solutions provider. In reality many of these services provide you with nothing more than a shared credit application that is not located within your website. The reasons for this are many, first of all it is more expensive to have your own SSL site certificate and if you unfamiliar with the process can be a real pain in the butt to setup on your webserver.

For example if your website is many providers go the ‘cheap way’ and provide access to their secure app which may be something like []. While this is technically a ‘secure app’ from the front-end (we will cover back-end later), the perception to the customers is that they have left *your* site and gone somewhere else. This leaves the customer wondering “Why am I not at anymore? Who is this guy? Can I trust them? Did this website get hi-jacked? Is my information safe?” In a time where ID theft is the hot topic on all the local evening news stations, people are scared about giving out their personally identifiable information to sources they do not trust. This little bit of doubt you have placed in this perspective customer’s mind may have cost you a sale, because he went back to Google and found your competitor’s website that had a more secure application. 

Now that we have covered the front-end now lets look at how the data is stored and retrieved in the back-end. You would not believe the number of dealerships I have been to and had the dealer show me his email inbox. They are filled with credit apps email to them in non-encrypted ‘plain-text’; ready to be stolen by a hacker or even just a casual bystander. Think about it for a moment and it doesn’t take being a highly skilled uber-hacker to understand the implications. If you are going to encrypt the data from the user when he fills out the application, shouldn’t you keep it encrypted throughout the entire process? Who in their right mind would think it is logical to send this information in plain text in an email? Sadly most website solution providers on the market today do exactly this. 

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The LG Optimus in White – A Lighter Toned Version of the Black P970

There are various reasons why users like the P970 Black. Not only is it slim. It is also a powerful handset that comes packed with Android features. However, you might want a lighter shaded handset other than the original dark tone. This is exactly what the LG Optimus in white has to offer.

These days, users would want to set themselves apart from everyone else. They prefer to get handsets not normally owned by the majority of users. Although not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to own a unique handset no one else owns, you will be happy to know that you can get the same handset in a different color.

In the past, we were unsure why the Korean phone manufacturer named this handset “Black”. We all thought that it was due to the phone’s black Nova touch screen display. However, it was apparently clear that the phone was literally named due to its color. It was simply called “Black” due to its clack casing. This was made clear when its white version was called the “White”.

This lighter toned Android smartphone comes with all the features found on the P970 Black. It comes with a 4.0 inch Nova display that has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It boasts the most readable display in the market. It is also protected by the tough and scratch resistant Gorilla glass. This will leave your mind at ease whenever unforeseen accidents happen. Furthermore, the Korean phone maker claims that its Nova display offers the most energy efficient touch screen in the market.

The LG Optimus in white is powered by a 1 GHz Cortex-A8 single-core processor TI OMAP 3630 chipset. This will allow users to enjoy more from lightning-speed performance. It also comes with an integrated PowerVR SGX530 GPU that allows you to enjoy more from intense graphics from games and videos.

The handset runs on the previous iteration of the Android operating system the 2.2 Froyo right out of the box. This may be disappointing. However, we’re pleased to tell you that you can update the phone’s Froyo version to the 2.3 Gingerbread. This will allow you to enjoy from the more modern features offered by Gingerbread.

Since this is an Android handset, it will allow you to enjoy more from apps. The LG Optimus in white gives you instant access to the Android Market where you can choose to download from a wide variety of apps.

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Does Your Business Need a Social Media Management Service?

To the millennials of this generation, social media may seem like second nature. Indeed, to children being born and raised in 2016, it probably will be. But social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all still fairly recent, and can sometimes leave existing business owners feeling pretty mystified.

But you should not underestimate the power of online marketing: with millions of people all over the world logging in on a daily basis, social media platforms are now the most effective way of showcasing your products and services and engaging with a global audience. They can provide real-time communication with your customers and give you a platform from which to advertise and sell your products.

It’s easier said than done, however, and sometimes a regularly updated Twitter account just still doesn’t seem to be bringing in the results you need to increase your revenue. Social media can also be time consuming at first, especially to those who may not be familiar with its workings. You might be so busy running the practical side of your business that you haven’t given your online presence much thought.

But like it or not, a good social media presence could paramount to your company’s success. There’s no need to be daunted though, as if you’re not confident using the web to enhance your company, there are experts who are trained to do so.

Companies offering Social Media Management Services have become immensely successful over the past decade, what with the surge of businesses moving online and many high-street stores closing.

Websites and online stores enable companies to sell their products remotely,allowing them to reach a vast clientele without having to pay for expensive overheads.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are others out there too, but it’s best to start with the most renowned ones first. It’s best to get your business on as many different platforms as possible, so that if a customer likes your company, they can follow you on all of their accounts.

Social media platforms can be linked to your company website, and are able to be effectively maintained with very little effort from you. Plus, with downloadable apps on smart phones and tablets, you can quickly update your business profile when you’re traveling, at home or out and about.

A Social Media Management Service will help you to optimise your search engine results, so that when a customer looks for something related to your business using Google, for example, your website will appear as one of the leading results of their search.

There are innumerable benefits to finding a Social Media Management service you can work with. If you need advice along the way, a good Internet Marketing Company will be on hand to respond to any of your queries, and help you launch a successful online profile.

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Nokia N-series Phones – Wonder Gadgets!

Today, come asking for a phone and surprisingly to your greatest delight have the every chance to be awarded with a mobile computer instead! The trend that threatens to cross new technological barriers seems to extend farther with introduction of some all-in-one-box gadgets in the name of mobile phones. Every manufacturers with the an amazing regularity of introducing new gadgets are prodding into a no-holds bar competition.

Nokia’s N-series phones are some futuristic, supremely stylish, technologically innovative gadgets those rule the roost of all-in-one-box gadget huddle. Aptly matching to the tag-line of ‘Next generation phones’, N-series phones are some multitasking gadgets that stand to amaze their users with their utility and sleek styling.

To cater the need of every demands, N-series bouquet comprises models in the name of N70, N73, N80, N90, N91, N93, N93i, N95, and N97. With N95 and N97 being the new entrants in the list of latest N-series phones from Nokia, the offering list is getting enriched with relentless upgradation.

All the N-series phones comprise Carl Zeiss Tessar lenses with 2 megapixels and above image resolution capacity. The in-built video camera output can be directly attached to a TV and by all quality parameters poses a serious threat to digital cameras. These EDGE, GPRS, and Bluetooth enabled WiFi compatible phones are designed to generate high-definition audio output. These models offer expandable memory slots and work as huge data storing and sharing device.

Most of the models in the N-series offer GPS connectivity and support WLAN, 3G (WCDMA 2100 MHz), EDGE and GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) networks. The ergonomically styled stylish body of the models of phones of this series integrate style and substance within. These models run on Symbian operating system and offer full integration with internet.

In the nut shell, the N-series phones from Nokia offer the comfort to avail services of diverse kinds. These phones are superior internet-ready, digital camera-laced high-definition music players. Accompanying which, an user can watch TV, edit images and songs, and search for places through GPS.

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